Earthworks, Civil, Electrical

May - 24

Earthworks, Civil, Electrical

Al.Matan Al.Aseel aims to be one of the leading organizations providing excellent services by year 2025 to the people living in Sultanate of Oman covering the public and private sectors in the Earth, Civil & Electrical Services through following sub-divisional fields:

  • Usual Construction and Subcontracting
  • Variant Earthworks that include Digging, Rock breaking & Excavation
  • Variant Electrical workups include Wiring, installations & repairs
  • Other Civil Works

In order to facilitate earthwork requirements for civil works, build up the infrastructures of the buildings and make sure the electrical connections are done probably which will contribute in founding civil infrastructures of the country & people of Oman and hence pay a part in development of Sultanate of Oman’s Economy.

Al.Matan Al.Aseel has many resources at the moment now such many 18 cmm Tippers, Fresh Water tankers, Recyclable non-drinking Water Tankers, Fuel Tankers.

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