Transportation Services

May - 26

Transportation Services

Al.Matan Al.Aseel aims to be one of the leading organizations providing excellent services by year 2025 to the people living in Sultanate of Oman covering the public and private sectors in the Transportation Services through following subdivisional fields:

  • Soil, Sands & Rocks Transportation
  • Fresh Water Transportation
  • Recyclable non-drinking Water Transportation
  • Fuel Transportation
  • Other Liquids (Flammable & Non-flammable) Transportation
  • Containers Transportation
  • Fixed Material Transportation
  • Flat Bed Transportation

In order to facilitate goods delivery and create a good rapport between producers and customers which hence play part in the development of Sultanate of Oman’s Economy.

Al.Matan Al.Aseel has many resources at the moment such many 18 cmm Tippers, Fresh Water tankers, Recyclable non- drinking Water Tankers, Fuel Tankers.


Consolidated Contractors Company – TRANSPORTATION
Al.Matan Al.Aseel has many Transport Services and many of its own equipments have been engaged in a number of services of transportation with major clients such as Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Gulf United Company, and many other clients and contractors.

Diwan of Royal Court – SEWAGE DISPOSAL
Similarly, we have been providing waste water management services to the Diywan of Royal Court. Diwan Awarded us two contracts namely (Contract 5/2/488/2014) for Waste Management (Sewage) in the Protected Area of Natural life in Wusta Region; and (Contract1/69/7/2014) for the waste management services (Sewage) of the Sultan Qaboos College for non-Arabic speakers in Manah. Based on performance, the client decided to extend yearly our services up to the current date.

In addition, Al.Matan Al.Aseel won a contract for Waste Management (scrap, tires and used oil) for Oman Air (Contract 5/2/488/2014). It’s expected that the contract will be extended quite soon.

Al.Matan Al.Aseel has provided Waste Management Services (used Oil) to Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Limited. Our contract OMN-CONT-14-008 was for one year commencing on 1st of May 2014. Based on performance, the client decided to extend yearly our services up to the current date.

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